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I am a multi-instrumentalist.  I have played bass guitar and double bass since 2011 and 2013 respectively and more recently, guitar, keyboard / synthesisers, drum kit, drum machine and sampler.  I contribute to several ensembles.  These currently include Civil Partnership, PDA, Pigeonhole and Heartworms.  These projects are stylistically varied, each incorporating elements of jazz, 1980s post-punk and folk.

I have undertaken many roles as an ensemble musician.  I have contributed as a songwriter, a instrumentalist for recording sessions, and being a touring musician for live performances.  This work is across a wide array of genres.

I also produce home-recordings.  These often end up as scores for short film projects.  This is the case in 'NORMAL' LED US HERE (OR...) REFLECTIONS OF A PRE-PANDEMIC WORLD, which you can find by navigating to the 'Film' section on my website.  I also share them on Sound Cloud as Paradise Stores.


I also produce music videos for the projects I am involved in.  For instance, I am currently working on music videos for upcoming releases by Civil Partnership and PDA (slated for release summer 2021).  If you're interested, please check back on the Film section of my website in a few months.  I will also post Spotify links to this section of my website.  Stay tuned!

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic I ran a live music night at the Brixton Windmill.  This night was called PEER PRESSURE, and among other things it focused itself on promoting mutual encouragement, diversity and inclusivity in independent music.  It is my intention to resume this project once live music is once again safe and viable. 


Examples of promotional materials which I have produced for PEER PRESSURE events can be found on the 'Graphics' section of my website.

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